Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Eat Like a Man and Still Lose Weight

On the nutrisystem commercials that are on TV you hear the saying "eat like a man and still lose weight." There is some truth to the statement. I don't think nutrisystem understands what this truth is but there is truth in this statement. The hardest clients to get to lose weight are the ones who have constantly resrtricted their nutrition, have tried every diet, and eat almost no food. The easiest clients to ge to lose weight are the ones who have not really dieted much and just eat whatever they want. It is pretty easy to get these clients to lose 10-15 lbs within a couple of weeks with just some small changes. Lets take a look at why this is the case.

What happens when you eat like a man? When you eat enough food for your body but do not overeat you send the proper signals to your body to maintain adequate levels of hormones such as testosterone, leptin, ghrelin, and thyroid. On the other hand when you constantly diet and eat really low calorie levels you lower your levels of all of these key hormones, and remember that hormones are what determine body composition because they determine nutrient partitioning. Nutrient partitioning is simply your hormones directing the calories you consume into either muscle or fat. If you have proper hormonal balance then you will partition your calories well and it will be easy to lose fat. If your hormones are out of balance from constant dieting then you will have a partitioning problem and it will be hard to lose weight.

So if you eat like a man you probably will lose weight if you keep the quality of your nutrition high(veggies, meats, nuts, fruit, a little starch, and no sugar). Low calorie dieting is not the way we are made to eat. Restore the balance in your body by eating plenty of the right foods. The quality of your food is what determines nutrient partitioning, along with weight lifting, good sleep, and low stress levels.

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